Where all the story begins

My dreams has always been about  telling a great story  through moving pictures.


With my twin brother I have made a bunch of movies and  I  always try to get better after all the movies which I make.  


I make movies, short films, advertisements, music videos, animations and much more. 


-Mathias ”The crazyBrother”


This is an upcoming project which where filmed this summer 2018. Every props is homemade and filmed on the RED-epic camera.


A big thanks to the great people who was willing to help me on this projects. 


Now I will begin with the post production where  I will make  both digital and practical effects. 


The ambition with this project is to make a long feature. Stay tuned to know moore!



Tattoo Gun 499$

A project  which I develope which going to be about old Swedish folklore .

Som of my concept art

”The big Calm”

The pot of stories

I will do an modern mix with the past and the present. With a strong story about a teenager which is struggling to fit in. Stay tuned to know more.

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